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Pointe Shoes by Wear Moi: Tradition meets Modern technology

With more than 80 years of combined experience in making pointe shoes, our shoemakers design models to meet the needs of every dancer. Made in the “cousu-retourné” tradition – turnshoe technique – and manufactured in our workshop with the greatest care by our artisans, Pointe Shoes by Wear Moi combines classic style and modern technology.

Pointe Shoes by Wear Moi: Quality and Comfort

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional dancer, pointe shoes by Wear Moi will protect your feet and ensure the utmost comfort during your performances. You will be able to execute your movements without discomfort but with grace. Pointe shoes by Wear Moi are silent and will allow you to carry out your movements quickly, smoothly and fluidly. Covered in a delicate but durable satin, our pointe shoes are top of the line in the dancewear industry.

Pointe Shoes by Wear Moi: Designed by Experts

Wear Moi brought together a team of artisans, consultants and former professional dancers to design a pointe shoe that would adapt to individual needs and skill level. In order to get the perfect support for your foot, our team designed shoes that create a perfect balance between the width and height of the box to guarantee utmost comfort. In addition, our shoes perfectly fit your heel and provide great support. Special attention was given to the insoles that naturally mold to the arches of the foot.

Pointe Shoes by Wear Moi: Made from Materials of Exceptional Composition

The materials that make up the shank are those used in the high-end shoe industry. It is composed of organic polymers and all-natural agents which guarantee the longevity of the pointe shoes. This composition, which requires a unique process, offers more flexibility for the metatarsals and, in turn, eases the transition through demi-pointe. The leather is tanned naturally in order to conserve the longevity of the fibers. As for the lining, Wear Moi preferred to keep it in untreated, allergy-free, all-natural cotton. Our wings come in a standard size, or for those dancers that require extra support, we also offer a high wing option. Our 'Pro Shanks' offer reinforced insoles with an unbreakable shank perfect for advanced and professional dancers who seek extra support.

Pointe Shoes by Wear Moi: Haute-couture!

The traditional manufacturing method of turnshoe by Wear Moi ecceedes the expectations of the best dancers. The platform and soles are designed to offer a better feel of the floor. At Wear Moi, each pointe shoe is unique. Individually handmade, any pair of pointe shoes can be customized and tailored to your needs. Choose your box (Tapered or Square), vamp (U or V shaped), length of the shank (Full, ¾ or ½) and height of your wings (Standard or High), depending on your foot's shape, your level and your strength. We are here at your disposal to help you find the best shoe that is will provide you with a complete satisfaction!

Give yourself innovative and quality pointe shoes!

I was looking for high quality, long lasting pointe shoe. After having tried countless brands, I got Wear Moi. I can see that this brand pays special attention from the design to the manufacturing of their pointe shoes. The fit and everything was designed according to my measurements. Consequently, these pointe shoes completely adapt to my demands. Comfortable and silent, they allow me to move fluidly and protect my feet during the performances. I love their satin which looks great.

Jenny, professional dancer in Paris

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