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  • International Dance Day
    Published : 24 April 2022 | Categories : News

    To commemorate International Dance Day on Friday, April 29, 2022, we decided to share this blog post to explain its origins and purpose. Learn how and why International Dance Day was born 40 years ago

  • Interview with Alessandra Tognoloni
    Published : 09 March 2022 | Categories : News

    Alessandra agreed to sit down with us to discuss one of our favorite subjects: pointe shoes! As a professional dancer at Ballets de Monte-Carlo, her expert tips will be helpful to dancing enthusiasts.

  • Wear Moi pointe shoes are evolving!
    Published : 09 March 2022 | Categories : News

    In 2022, we decided to make some changes to our line of pointe shoes. We wanted to simplify our offer to ensure that every dancer - including beginners - could easily find the perfect pointe shoe.

  • Did you know? How do I choose the right pointe shoes?
    Published : 09 March 2022 | Categories : News

    It's not always easy to find the perfect pair of pointe shoes. But never fear, Wear Moi has come up with a handy guide to help you pick the right pointe shoes for you.

  • Interview with Elisabeth Ridet, Artistic Director at Wear Moi
    Published : 09 February 2022 | Categories : News

    Dive into our artistic universe! Discover the values that Elisabeth hopes to share with dancers all around the world. She opens up and explains her creative process when she is developing new designs.

  • A peek at how we design our leotards
    Published : 09 February 2022 | Categories : News

    Have you ever wondered how we create our leotards? Wear Moi invites you into the studio for a sneak peek at the design process, with a special focus on our leotards.

  • Guide to leotards
    Published : 09 February 2022 | Categories : News

    Learn where they came from and why they were developed for aerial acrobatics ! Wear Moi will help you find your perfect leotard with a comprehensive guide to the various models and materials.

  • The history of classical dance
    Published : 10 January 2022 | Categories : News

    Just for you, Wear Moi has pulled together this overview of the history of classical dance in France, from its Italian roots. Find out how ballet has evolved over different periods of history !

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