A Look at Virtual Ballet School

With a look at how COVID19  is reshaping the dance world, we spoke with Francis Veyette and Lauren Fadeley Veyette of Veyette Virtual Ballet School about why they started teaching in the digital world two years ago, and how it can change the future of dance.

The Pointe Book: everything you could possibly want to know about Pointe

Janice Barringer is the author of The Pointe Book; soon to be released in its 4th Edition. Wear Moi sat down with Ms. Barringer to discuss her 30 year journey with The Pointe Book.

Wear Moi Story

Elisabeth and Christophe's experience of the dance world goes way back. They began their careers early, as professional dancers in France and in Monte Carlo. What started as a young Christophe's initiative to design a leotard for his girlfriend burgeoned into a dancewear operation for the dedicated couple: Wear Moi was born. It now provides a full range of dance wear and accessories, all around the world.