Dancers wearing Wear Moi products

As we fine-tuned our dancewear expertise over the years, we have won over more and more dancers worldwide.  Indeed, many dance enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike, have already embraced Wear Moi. Our product range is large enough for everyone to find something to love, from footwear and leotards to warm-up wear and accessories. We have designs to match the taste of any woman, man, girl, or boy.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the artists who pay us the ultimate compliment of wearing our products. We are delighted to see male and female dancers all over the world showcase our designs.

Valentine Colasante - @valentine_colasante

Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris

Photo @valentine_colasante

Skylar Brandt - @skylarbrandt

American Ballet Theater

Photo @skylarbrandt

Martina Arduino - @arduino.martina

Teatro alla Scala

Photo @ferdinandocunsolophotography

Destiny Wimpye - @destinywimpye

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Photo @lindsaythomasphoto

Yeyool Chat - @cyyool8623

Seoul Arts High School

Photo @1984baki

Candida Sorrentino - @candidasor

Teatro San Carlo

Photo @candidasor

Evan McKie - @evanmckie

The National Ballet Of Canada

Photo @asquaredphoto

Antonio Ferreira - @antonioferreira.lis

Ballet Akademie Hochschule fur Musik und Theatre München

Photo @johncrankoschool

Grégoire Duchevet - @gregoireduchevet

Junior Ballett Zürich

Photo @florian_astraudo

Luca Abdel-Nour - @itslucathedancer

Nationale Opera & Ballet

Photo @itslucathedancer

Imanol Sastre - @imanol_sastre

Andrew Larose - @andrewrklarose

Nikolay Iossifov - @yalokin_d.nikolay

European School of Ballet

Photo @owpho.tograpy

Noah Hak - @noah_hak

European School Of Ballet

Photo @owpho.tograpy

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