Interview with Alessandra Tognoloni


We enjoyed interviewing Alessandra Tognolini on an exceptionally close subject to our hearts: pointe shoes. As a professional dancer, she is a specialist in the field! Wear Moi has been following her career closely for many years... Alessandra was born in Gubbio (Italie). She trained in Italy and Germany. Previously with the Stuttgart Ballet, she joined Les Ballets de Monte Carlo in 2013. Because of her talent, she has been awarded the lead role in many performances: Cinderella in the eponymous ballet, Katharina in The Taming of the Shrew, Clara in The Nutcracker ...

Throughout this interview, enjoy Alessandra's expert advice as she shares her experience of pointe work with us. 

Tell us about your experience the first time you tried a pair of pointe shoes?

The first time I wore a pair of point shoes was a very long time ago. Like any other girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina, I was extremely excited! I chose my first pair with the help of my dance teacher. I remember having a very high cou-de-pied, and at the time, I was a little child. I will never forget this particular day; it's a memory that I will cherish all my life.

How did you feel when you danced on pointe shoes?

During my first dance class wearing pointe shoes, I remember thinking it was the most challenging thing I ever experienced! I saw the older kids from my school who were already doing variations on pointe. I was looking at them and telling myself I couldn't wait until I would look so comfortable and strong dancing on pointe shoes. 

What are the essential criteria in choosing a pair of pointe shoes for you?

I am currently using La Pointe Square Wear Moi with a half reinforced extra hard shank (RXH1/2). My criteria depend on what performance I'm dancing. 

For example, If I need to perform a technical and more classical role, I need my pointe shoes to be a little bit harder. It gives me a better support for my feet, at the shank. On the contrary, if I am dancing a neoclassical or a contemporary piece, I like my pointe shoes to be very soft! Pretty much like a pair of socks so that I can feel the floor and my feet inside the shoes.

How many pairs of pointe shoes do you use each year?

I need a different amount of point shoes every year because it depends on the type of ballet I am rehearsing and performing. But I would say I use about 3 to 4 pairs of point shoes a week, between rehearsals and shows!

How long have you been wearing La Pointe by Wear Moi?

I have been wearing La Pointe by Wear Moi for about nine years now! Before, I used to wear another brand but changing to La Pointe was a great decision: my life as a dancer got so much better. I have no more feet pains or metatarsals problems like I did in the past, in my former pointe shoes. I'm glad I found my perfect fit

In your opinion, what is the best advice to give to dancers who are new to pointe shoes?

I would say that my advice for new ballerinas who are approaching point work for the first time is to really search for the perfect shoes! The one that when you wear it, it almost feels like wearing a pair of socks. It's essential for your feet' health and the rest of your posture

I'm convinced that you can't properly prepare a variation in rehearsals if you're not 100% pleased with your pointe shoes. Point shoes are part of a ballerina's body; that's why they should feel as comfortable as possible.

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