The must-haves for your performance

Do you feel apprehensive as the day of your end-of-year show draws nearer? That is perfectly normal!  The performance is a culmination of months of hard work and dance lessons and you are about to experience a moment when time stands still.


To help you prepare under optimal conditions Wear Moi is pleased to bring you a detailed guide to your must-haves for the big day. From clothing to accessories to footwear, stick to our comprehensive checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked, so you can look forward to the performance.


Follow our guide and remember to follow the instructions given by your teacher!

Attire, for rehearsals ...


You probably have a full run-through or rehearsal scheduled right before the performance. You need to think ahead about what you will wear, especially the leotard or dress in which you will rehearse your routines. We do not have any specific leotard to suggest to you for this stage. What matters most is that you are comfortable. Wear your favorite leotard so you can practice under the best conditions. After all, this is the run-up to the show!

-   WARM-UPS   -

To protect your body during your dress rehearsal or before the start of the show, you may find certain warm-up pieces to be useful. It is important to properly prepare your muscles to have a flawless performance and avoid injury before you go on stage. We recommend that you take along a warm-up outfit comprising a top and a bottom. You might opt for a pair of legwarmers or pants combined with a top or wrap-over to slip over your leotard. A one-piece warm-up suit can also be a great alternative because it will take up less room in your bag! 

Attire, for the performance ...


Although you probably already have tights, our advice is to get a new pair for the big day. In fact, just to play it safe, we think it's best to have a back-up pair with you! A last-minute mishap can happen to anyone and spoil your special moment... Depending on the details of your show and the instructions you've received, you can choose from several types of tights: footed, footless or convertible (which are perfect if you need to switch from pointe to ballet shoes from one dance to the next).


It is crucial that you choose the right undergarments for your show. First, because you want to be as comfortable as possible as you dance and, second, because you want them to be invisible under your costume. This does not really apply to girls, but the advice is helpful for young dancers who are starting to develop curves. You have several options. On the bottom: classic or high-waisted briefs with sculpting, a discreet thong, or comfortable shorts. On top: an athletic bra with removable straps or invisible bra. It all depends on your personal preferences and needs. In general, flesh-toned undergarments are the moist suitable choice. Here again, you have a one-piece option: the bodysuit. 

Footwear ...


If you are dancing choreography in pointes, try to clean them as best you can before your show, but don't make it obvious! Remember your toe pads and check that your ribbons and elastics are not about to give out. For better grip and to avoid slipping, we recommend that you apply rock rosin to the platforms of your pointe shoes. 


Whether you prefer canvas or leather ballet shoes, be sure they are clean for the big day. Check the seams on your elastics to avoid a nasty surprise! Depending on the instructions from your teacher, you may have to wear half-soles for some of your ballet choreography. This style looks nearly invisible against the skin while providing great grip and protecting the soles of your feet from rubbing thanks to some light padding.

Must-have accessories...


You will want a roomy dance bag to carry everything you need for the show. Bags come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. For optimum organization, grab a pouch to stow your personal items. You may also find it useful to have a breathable bag for your pointe and ballet shoes. And, of course, don't forget your lucky charm if you have one! It may be a special trinket or keychain — anything that gives you the strength and courage to enter the stage! 


Although we often focus on the outfit, it's important to remember your hair and make-up, which are also fundamental steps. Your hairstyle may be a bun, a ponytail or a hairband, but you will need a full array of supplies to be sure your hairstyle stays in place through all your movements: hairbrush, hairspray or gel, bobby pins or barrettes, hairnet, scrunchies and more! Your hairstyle has to hold up for the full duration of the show, so don't be stingy with the hairspray and hairpins (more if you are wearing a bun).

As for your make-up, start with your foundation on clean skin and don't forget to finish with powder. That will keep your skin from looking too shiny under the heat of the spotlights and set the rest of your make-up. A touch of blush is a must to have a healthy glow.


Next come the eyes, starting with an eyeshadow primer to help your eye make-up to stay put. Then it's time for the eyeshadow: you can choose a fresh, discreet look or a more glamorous and sophisticated effect depending on your instructions and your own taste.


Finish with some lipstick in the color of your choice: rosy or beige for a subtle, natural lip or red to make a statement. The best advice we can give you is to outline your lips with a lip liner before applying your lipstick. This will make it easier for you to stay in the lines as you apply the lipstick and it helps the color stay on.


There are make-up setting sprays that you can apply as a finishing touch. It will help your make-up look great through your most intense routines! 

Now, your things are all ready and you have all our best tips to make your performance unforgettable. Perhaps one last bit of advice — and it's an important one! The one thing you mustn't forget is to have fun and enjoy the moment! We are absolutely certain you will be in top form and Wear Moi is rooting for you to have a wonderful end-of-year show!

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