Wear Moi Chicago Store

The story of our flagship store goes back to 2019 when it first opened its doors to the public. We threw a grand opening party to celebrate the culmination of this project, which the brand's founders had been mulling over for 15 years.

When the creators of Wear Moi embarked on this plan, Chicago was an obvious choice. It was a natural choice for personal reasons as they had been living in the city for several years. But they also wanted a North American address for the inaugural flagship store because the company's U.S. distribution center is also in Chicago.

Elisabeth Ridet, the brand's co-founder and artistic director, spearheaded the design work. From the floors to the ceiling, the lavish attention to detail reflects Elisabeth's passion for dance and for Wear Moi. The products are presented with the same drive for perfection that characterized Elisabeth's performances as a professional dancer. The flagship store combines high-end and ready-to-wear in a setting infused with joyfulness, beauty and a theatrical flourish. The store is an extension of our style and our hallmarks. Knowing that the decor was chosen so carefully, let's take a closer look at the interior concepts that convey the essence of Wear Moi.

  • The high-quality furniture and fixtures boast streamlined design that meets the moment.  The white tones create reflective surfaces that showcase Wear Moi's products. The lighting is also a key element because it defines the various areas of the shop. And we could not mention the lighting without a nod to the chandeliers crafted in tulle, a material used to make tutus. These whimsical yet elegant ceiling lights immediately evoke the world of ballet.
  • Speaking of ballet, we should point out the red velvet upholstered armchair that matches the curtains of the fitting rooms. This plush sofa is one of the centerpieces of the flagship store and a nod to the chairs you might see at the opera. This is where customers can try on our footwear, including pointe, demi-pointe, and soft shoes. It is also a comfortable spot to wait while your shopping companion uses the fitting room.  
  • Our favorite thing in the flagship store is right behind the armchair: the pointe wall. The perfect symmetry, mirror reflection, and satiny effect of pointe shoes reflecting the light are all details that make the pointe wall a decorative feature in its own right. 

  • There are a few other items that explore the dance studio theme, like the wooden floor, mirrors, ballet barre, and music, of course, for an overall effect that will stimulate your senses. Nothing is left to chance at the Wear Moi Chicago store, where perfection lies in every detail.

The strength of our flagship store also comes from the team that breathes life into the store every day. If you stop in, you will be greeted by one of our associates, all of whom are experts in dance and dancewear. We are lucky to have an ace team of pointe shoe experts who are certified fitters. We regularly arrange personalized and individualized fitting sessions at the shop. Our fitters will give you priceless advice and assist you throughout the fitting process. Their goal is to provide guidance and steer you to the safest and most appropriate shoes. Our store has already built up a loyal clientele of men and women who have found their ideal shoes thanks to the recommendations of our fitters.

If you are looking for dancewear that is affordable and luxurious, head to the Wear Moi flagship store in Chicago! Our team will be delighted to welcome you into our world and provide any advice you need. While you are in the shop, schedule a pointe fitting appointment. At the Wear Moi flagship store, you can expect an experience unlike any other, guided by our elegant style and our passion for dance. 

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