Wear Moi pointe shoes are evolving!

The story of Wear Moi pointe shoes

The story of our pointe shoes began in 2011, when we first introduced them in our catalogue. They were originally produced using artisan methods by our expert, Eric Delage, thanks to his over 40 years of experience in the dance sector.  

Using the traditional sew-back technique, each pointe shoe is individually hand-made. This traditional technique offers more design freedom, allowing us to offer pointe shoes that fit the dancer's feet while providing excellent support for all levels of pointe work. 

Our concept is based on Eric's expertise. He leads a team of foot and form specialists, as well as former dancers, who work with him to make the necessary decisions. By pooling skills, we are able to offer a technically sound product that can easily adapt to the needs of every type of dancer. 

We take pride in using very high quality materials. The leather used in the soles is treated in France, at a tannery in Périgord which also work with the luxury brand Hermès. We use natural tanning methods in order to preserve the fibers' characteristic longevity. The 100% cotton lining is manufactured without any chemical treatments. The shanks are made using the same materials as in the high-end shoe industry. The paste, a key component for the forming the toe box, is made using organic polymers and natural ingredients. It provides the proper support for the foot without compromising comfort. The quality of our materials guarantees the longevity of our pointe shoes.

With over 10 years of experience manufacturing pointe shoes, our expertise has won the hearts of dancers all over the world. We have the honor of providing shoes to dancers of every level, from beginners to professionals. Some of our notable clients include Alessandra Tognoloni, Anna Osadcendko, Rachel Buriassi, Alicia Amatrian, and many more... 

Our stores offer personalized, private fittings in order to help our clients find their ideal pointe shoes. Our experienced consultants offer personalized advice along with the opportunity to try out different suggested designs. 

Our pointe shoes are evolving...

In 2022, we decided to make changes to our line of pointe shoes in order to make them more accessible. These changes will come into effect next month! We wanted to simplify our offerings in order to ensure that every dancer, including beginners, can easily find the perfect pointe shoe. These improvements will help our customers better understand the different options available, along with ensuring faster shipping times.

But don't worry! We won't be phasing out our original options... They will still be available as part of our personalization services, at no additional cost. If your ideal combination is not displayed on our website, just click on the "personalization" link to access other options on demand. There, you will have the option of choosing more pre-defined combinations

Custom-made pointe shoes

Because each foot is unique, Wear Moi also offers custom-made shoes to best fit your needs. Finding the perfect pointe shoe is often a struggle, regardless of expertise, for many possible reasons (foot shape, non-standard size)... Custom-made pointe shoes meet your specific needs thanks to unlimited modifications of the entire shoe. Whether you require special structural accommodations or have specific aesthetic preferences, our custom-made pointes make all the difference!

A nearly infinite range of options is available to best suit your foot shape, dance level, and practice! Choose your toe box (tapered, square, or low profile), your vamp (U-shaped or V-shaped), the length of the shanks (full, 3/4, or 1/2), the height of the wings (standard or tall), and your borders (traditional drawstring or elasticated). Our workshops can also reproduce the "home-made" adjustments, with "low crown" (crushing the toe box) and "cut arches" (cutting the sole) options. 

Unlimited transformations are available for all our pointe shoes as part of the custom-made service. The most popular modifications usually relate to higher or lower measurements for the vamps, sides, and/or heel. 

Soles of any hardness can be applied to all of our pointe styles. The soles may be modified at the front of the foot for more rolling, or at the back for more or less arch support. The support at the front and sides of the foot can be adjusted with lower, higher, firmer, or more lightweight vamps.

We make sure to archive all the measurements we receive on custom-made shoes in order to make future orders easy for our clients. A number of renowned professional dancers already use this individualized service. Enjoy the opportunity to create your own, unique pointe shoes, with no minimum order required to access the custom-made service. For your total satisfaction, we will work with you to find the pointe shoes that best meet your needs. And we are at your side to support you as you pursue our shared passion, dancing without limits.

New colors available

We are pleased to announce that in addition to simplifying our range, we are also introducing 4 new colors next month! Black, White, Walnut, and Carmel colors are now available alongside the existing Salmon color. They can be applied to all pointe shoes, in every format, for both personalized and custom-made shoes!

The Black and White shoes meet the requirements of certain ballets. Walnut and Carmel suit dancers' skin tones. This range of pointe shoe colors is a key part of our commitment to inclusivity and our desire to represent the diversity of the dance world

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