New Flagship Store in France

We are thrilled to open our new flagship store located in Toulon (South of France). From floor to ceiling, our attention to detail reflects our passion for dance. Our new shop combines high-end and ready-to-wear, in an environment where cheerfulness, beauty and theater elements can be found! Within these walls, we have developed our signature style.


Custom By Moi : Your Design Your Way

We design originality with our Custom by Moi line. We are proud to launch our 100% customizable range, "Custom by Moi." We now offer our customers the opportunity to customize their dancewear by choosing from a variety of colors, prints, and fabrics. With thousands of possible combinations, Custom by Moi allows dancers from around the world to stand out with unique pieces!


Wear Moi celebrates 30 years of passion!

Wear Moi is commemorating a major milestone in 2022: 30 years of expertise in the world of dancewear. Because our story is intertwined with ballet, we are proud that we have been able to share our French savoir-faire around the globe for so many years.


Introducing the “Your Logo, Your Way” program

Wear Moi helps dance schools design their own uniforms by including their logo on a selection of iconic Wear Moi products. A wide range of styles, sizes and colors are eligible for the program.


Fight against COVID-19

Thanks to its expertise in design, manufacturing, and breathable fabric, Wear Moi launches a full range of high-quality Face Masks in response to the pandemic. At the same time, Wear Moi organizes live ballet classes on Instagram, led by professional dancers. An excellent way to bring our community together and pursue our passion in these unprecedented times.


Chicago Flagship Store opening

Located in the lively East Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago, our Flagship Store opened its doors to the public in May 2019. This beautiful project had been maturing in the minds of the brand's founders for nearly 15 years...


New pointe shoes are introduced

Wear Moi presents its brand new range of ballet slippers, Alfa and Omega. They are designed to adapt perfectly to all types of arches and foot shapes. Some innovations in Alfa and Omega include a microfiber lining for comfort and anti-slip properties, a new cord system with elastic laces for Alfa, and an elastic border for Omega.


Revolutionary new soft ballet shoes are launched

Wear Moi offers a new premium collection of soft ballet shoes providing a more comfortable and professional look. The NEPTUNE, PLUTON, SATURNE, and VESTA models, designed in canvas or leather stretch fabric, are introduced in the catalog. They bring several notable innovations: improved shape and design for NEPTUNE and SATURNE. VESTA and PLUTON stand out with the absence of a drawstring, replaced by an elastic border for enhanced convenience and a perfect fit.


25th anniversary

Wear Moi is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The founders, Elisabeth and Christophe RIDET, continue to shape the brand's destiny 25 years later! Under their leadership, Wear Moi has become a global brand, offering distribution in over 60 countries worldwide.


Wear Moi makes a movie appearance!

Wear Moi had the honor of dressing the dancers in the French dramatic film titled "Polina, danser sa vie," directed by Valérie Müller and Angelin Preljocaj. Several iconic models from Wear Moi make their appearance on the big screen. 


New logo is revealed

In 2015, Wear Moi redesigned its logo while retaining the iconic silhouette of the dancer with her leg on the barre. The innovation lies in the adoption of a clean calligraphy, bringing a timeless and elegant touch. This change symbolizes the globally renowned brand's desire to transcend language and writing barriers. Thus, the dancer becomes the new symbol of Wear Moi, featured on all the brand's products, whether embroidered or applied using heat transfer. This evolution aligns with Wear Moi's international expansion, now reaching over 60 countries.


Wear Moi uniforms Bolshoi Ballet Academy

The Bolshoi Ballet School, internationally renowned for its excellence in classical dance education, has chosen Wear Moi as one of its official suppliers for its uniforms. This collaboration not only attests to the Bolshoi Ballet School's ongoing pursuit of excellence but also reflects the trust placed in Wear Moi as an internationally acclaimed brand in the field of dance.


Wear Moi in China

Wear Moi is gaining recognition in China, marking a significant milestone in its international expansion. The brand's reputation for high-quality products and commitment to the art of dance has quickly spread across China. To meet this growing demand and strengthen its presence in the Chinese market, Wear Moi has entered into sponsorship and distribution agreements with local partners.


The bag collection is introduced

Wear Moi reinvents the dance bag with its Bags collection. Chic and elegant, these bags perfectly complement dance or city attire. Inspired by the dance world, our bags allow you to carry your personal belongings with style. With our wide range of models, everyone can find one that suits their preferences.


Wear Moi branches out to Chicago - USA

To strengthen its presence in North America, the brand is opening a new subsidiary in Chicago. This decision enables Wear Moi to better serve its clientele in America by providing more accessible local services, a quicker response to customer demands, and more efficient distribution of its products. This new subsidiary marks a significant milestone in the brand's expansion.


Pointe Shoe launch

After several years of product development, Wear Moi We launches its first line of pointe shoes with La Pointe by Wear Moi. In order to control the fabrication and the quality of La Pointe, and offer irreproachable customer service to clients, Wear Moi opens its own factory in Tunisia.


Online market

2010 marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter with the launch of the online store. Embracing the digital era, this initiative represents a logical step in the development of Wear Moi. The vision is clear: to establish an online platform where customers can discover exceptional products of the highest quality, ensuring that each purchase is a unique experience.


Wear Moi products make a movie appearance

Wear Moi had the honor of providing some of the outfits for the young dancers in the film "Disco," a French comedy directed by Fabien Onteniente, featuring Franck Dubosc and Emmanuelle Béart in the lead roles. This brought an authentic and elegant touch to the film's aesthetics.


First boutique is opened in Toulon (France)

Present in France and in several other countries through locally established retailers, Wear Moi aims to provide direct access to its products to customers in the region where its offices are located. To fulfill this commitment, the brand has inaugurated its new store in Toulon.


Shoe collection is released

Wear Moi extends its expertise to dress its customers from head to toe with its collection of canvas and leather ballet shoes. This new range of footwear combines comfort and performance to meet the needs of dancers, providing a comprehensive solution for their entire dance attire.


Notoriety takes flight

The brand is now present in ten countries, and an increasing number of schools are opting for Wear Moi uniforms. Taking advantage of its recent establishment in France, the home country of its two founders, its growth is accompanied by a rise in recognition in the dance world.


Wear Moi goes international

Wear Moi makes its debut in the Japanese market: a new milestone in its expansion. The initial sales in Japan were a success, bearing witness to the brand's appeal for its quality and signature style. Japanese dancers swiftly embraced Wear Moi products, further enhancing the brand's reputation as a trusted choice in the world of dance.


Wear Moi costumes are on stage!

Known for its high-quality dancewear, Wear Moi establishes itself as a trusted name in the entertainment industry. The brand has the privilege of designing costumes for prestigious productions, especially in London, such as Holiday on Ice, Chicago, Saturday Night Fever, Madame Tussauds, and Disneyland Paris. Wear Moi's commitment to the performing arts makes it a preferred choice for productions.


First Catalog

The first Wear Moi catalog is published. Beyond being a mere collection of products, this catalog symbolizes the beginning of an exciting journey in the worlds of dance and fashion. It provides a glimpse into Wear Moi's unique and innovative creations. Through these pages, Wear Moi shares its commitment to quality, style, and comfort.


Passion for Wear Moi takes flight

Christophe ends his dancing career to fully dedicate himself to the creation of dancewear under the name Wear Moi. Consequently, the couple decides to travel the world in tune with Elisabeth's tours and professional commitments. Their fulfillment lies at the intersection of dance and business, leading them from Seattle to London, then to Berlin, before finally returning to France.


First Investment

Christophe participates in a choreographic workshop organized by Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, where he takes charge of designing costumes. He finds more satisfaction in costume design than in choreography. Six months later, during a tour with the company in Asia, he acquires his first sewing machine and begins crafting outfits for Elisabeth.


Our story begins

Christophe and Elisabeth crossed paths at Ballet Monte-Carlo, leading to a beautiful life story. Both had already started their professional dance careers a few years before, with Elisabeth performing with Jeune Ballet de France and gracing prestigious stages with Monte Carlo Ballet. Meanwhile, Christophe danced with Ballet Theatre du Silence and Ballet de Tours before joining Monte Carlo Ballet. The classic story of boy meets girl unfolded, and voilà! Love struck when Elisabeth danced her way into Christophe’s heart.

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